EU Settlement Scheme

Last Updated 28th October 2019

As the UK is planning to leave the EU at 11pm (midnight Central European time) on 31st January 2020, the EU and the UK have been negotiating a withdrawal agreement. Part of the agreement protects the rights of EU citizens living in the UK.  If current proposals between the EU and UK is agreed, citizens of Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Lichtenstein and their eligible family members will also be able to participate in the scheme.

The settlement scheme is designed to offer EU citizens and their eligible family members, living in the UK, the opportunity to protect their residence in the UK after the UK leaves the EU. The scheme isn’t just for those who want to settle in the UK after studying, but is a form of Immigration Permission which can lead to settlement if you choose to apply at a later date.

If you are granted permission under the scheme, there are no restrictions on your rights to study.

The scheme has been running as a Pilot for some time, but from the 21st January 2019 the scheme has been open to all students in the UK.

Applications during the pilot period must be made inside the UK, but a note in the Statement of Intent says that the Home Office are looking to roll this out to eligible applicants outside the UK.  We will update this page once more information is available.

Applications are completed online  after using the identity app (currently only available on compatible android devices) to upload your identity documents.

To make the application, download the ID checking app and follow the on screen instructions – you will need a passport with a Biometric Chip to undertake this first stage.  You will be asked to confirm your contact details, personal details and take a selfie style passport photo. 

You may find you need to undertake certain steps in the ID checking app more than once.  This is because either the information wasn’t captured correctly or because photos didn’t meet the required standard.  If you have continued problems using the app, please contact us for advice and support.

Once you have completed all the steps in the app, you will be directed to the online application form.  The form asks you to check the details uploaded in the app, and then answer questions on your previous immigration, criminal and travel history. You will also be asked to complete a declaration confirming all the information you have provided is true and accurate.

All applications to the scheme are now free, however during the pilot phase applicants had to pay the fee of £65.00.  This will be refunded to applicants by UKVI as soon as possible after the 30th March 2019.  If you do not receive your refund please contact the IISA team and we will advise you further.

A paper form will be made available once the scheme is fully rolled out but can only be used in exceptional circumstances. Please contact us if you believe you may need to use the paper form, so we can provide you with advice.

Before starting the application, you should have the following documents with you:

  • Current Passport
  • UK National Insurance (NI) Number
  • If you don’t have an NI number, you can use alternative evidence from the documents listed in Annex A of the Home Office Guidance.

On completion of the application, UKVI will assess your applicaiton and email you with a decision in due course - we have explained Pre-settled and Settled status in the next sections of this page.  If you disagree with the outcome of your application, please contact us for further advice.

If you do not, or at the time you apply, have 5 years continuous residency in the UK, then you will be granted Pre-Settled Status. 

Once you then have 5 years continuous residency, you will need to apply again to the scheme to order to get Settled Status if you want to stay in the UK permanently.

Pre-settled status can be lost after an absence of more than two years from the UK.

If you are granted Settled Status, you will be able to stay in the UK for as long you like. However, Settled status will be lost after an absence of five years from the UK (this is still subject to Parliamentary approval).

With Settled status you can also:

  •     apply for British citizenship (subject to eligibility)
  •     work in the UK
  •     use the NHS
  •     enrol in education or continue studying
  •     access public funds such as benefits and pensions (subject to eligibility)
  •     travel in and out of the UK

You can also bring close family members to the UK after 31 December 2020 if both of the following apply:

  •     your relationship with them began before 31 December 2020; AND
  •     you are still in the relationship when they apply to join you

If your relationship with them began after 31 December 2020, your family member will be able to come here on a family visa. If you need further advice on this please contact us.

You’ll usually be able to apply for citizenship 12 months after you’ve got settled status.

If you applicaiton is successful, the Home Office will email you a link to an online service that you can use to view and prove your status. You will not get a physical document unless:

  • You are from outside the EU AND
  • You do not already have a BRP

The IISA team are offering appointments to assist in making your EU settlement scheme application.  Please email the IISA team to request an appointment.  You will need to bring the following to your appointment:

  • your passport,
  • National Insurance number,
  • date you first entered the UK (month and year is fine) and
  • a bank card to pay £65 (if you apply before 30th March 2019)

If you choose to make the application without the support of IISA, and have any questions please contact us and we will do our best to assist.