Making a change to your studies

The following information has been compiled to assist you whether you are making a change to your course or institution due to your results or because of other reasons.

If you have not yet completed your current studies and are thinking about changing your course or institution, we strongly recommend that you discuss your thoughts about this in some detail with your Campus Advice Zones, staff in Student Service and/or your personal/progress tutor or your scheme/award tutor before making your final decision.

As an international student it is important that you are fully aware of the implications of making such a change. Importantly, you may no longer be able to switch courses without going home to make a fresh Student Visa application.

From our understanding of the publications to date, those students who switch course, or do not graduate from the course on their latest issued CAS will not be eligible for the new post study work (Graduate) route when it goes live in the summer of 2021.

If you do decide to withdraw, interrupt or transfer from your course, you will need to see your Campus Advice Zones who will refer you to our service at the correct point for full immigration advice on your situation. No withdrawal, interruption or transfer will be approved without sign off from an International Student Advice.  Additionally, any transfer of course will also need to be approved academically and in line with the Academic Progression requirements.

If you are exited or discontinued from your course, you need to contact the Immigration and International Student Advice team immediately for advice on your current situation.