The Points Based System and Responsibilities

What is the Points Based System (PBS)?

Under the UK’s Points Based System for immigration, applicants who wish to enter / remain in the UK to work or study now need to pass a points based assessment to enter or remain in the UK. The five tiers of the PBS are:

  •     Tier 1- Highly skilled individuals
  •     Tier 2- Skilled workers with a job offer
  •     Tier 3- Low skilled workers to fill specific temporary labour shortages (Currently no plans to introduce this tier)
  •     Student Route (previously Tier 4)
  •     Tier 5- Youth mobility and temporary workers

Student Route under the Points Based System

If you want to apply to extend your stay in the UK as a student, you have to pass a points based assessment.

Your responsibilities under the Student Route of the Points Based System

It is important that as an international student, you comply with the immigration regulations during your stay in the UK. Your responsibilities are to:

  •  Think ahead and make a note to organise all the documents you need to extend your student visa at least 8 weeks before your current visa expires;
  •  Provide the University with a copy of your passport, Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) and ATAS Certificate (if applicable). If you are issued a new passport or visa you must provide the University with a copy of this;
  •  Keep the University up to date with your current contact details;
  •  Enrol for your course when you are expected to;
  •  Study whilst you are in the UK (ensuring that you have good attendance on your course and no significant gaps or absences);
  •  Follow University procedures if you decide to interrupt your studies or withdraw from your course;
  •  Leave the UK if you interrupt your studies or withdraw from your course;
  • Follow Home Office procedures if you transfer course/ institution. More information can be found on our Making a change to your studies page.

The University's responsibilities under the Student Route of the Points Based System

The Home Office requires that the University complies with certain responsibilities/ duties under the PBS. These are to:
  •     Take and keep copies of passports and visas for all students;
  •     Keep contact details up to date (and keep a record of any changes of address).

The University is required to report to the UK Border Agency when international students holding a student visa:

  •  Do not enrol within the enrolment period;
  •  Enrol, but do not adhere to designated University attendance monitoring procedures;
  •  Discontinue their studies (including interruption of study);
  •  Make significant changes to their circumstances (such as the successful completion of a course earlier than expected, a change of course or completion from home);
  •  Break the conditions of their permission to stay, such as working illegally.