The Points Based System and Tier 4 Responsibilities

What is the Points Based System (PBS)?

Under the UK’s Points Based System for immigration, applicants who wish to enter / remain in the UK to work or study now need to pass a points based assessment to enter or remain in the UK. The five tiers of the PBS are:

  •     Tier 1- Highly skilled individuals
  •     Tier 2- Skilled workers with a job offer
  •     Tier 3- Low skilled workers to fill specific temporary labour shortages (Currently no plans to introduce this tier)
  •     Tier 4- Students
  •     Tier 5- Youth mobility and temporary workers

Tier 4 of the Points Based System

If you want to apply to extend your stay in the UK as a Tier 4 student, you have to pass a points based assessment.

Your responsibilities under Tier 4 of the Points Based System

It is important that as an international student, you comply with the immigration regulations during your stay in the UK. Your responsibilities are to:

  •  Think ahead and make a note to organise all the documents you need to extend your student visa at least 8 weeks before your current visa expires;
  •  Provide the University with a copy of your passport, Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) and ATAS Certificate (if applicable). If you are issued a new passport or visa you must provide the University with a copy of this;
  •  Keep the University up to date with your current contact details;
  •  Enrol for your course when you are expected to;
  •  Study whilst you are in the UK (ensuring that you have good attendance on your course and no significant gaps or absences);
  •  Follow University procedures if you decide to interrupt your studies or withdraw from your course;
  •  Leave the UK if you interrupt your studies or withdraw from your course;
  • Follow Home Office procedures if you transfer course/ institution. More information can be found on our Making a change to your studies page.

The University's responsibilities under Tier 4 of the Points Based System

The Home Office requires that the University complies with certain responsibilities/ duties under the PBS. These are to:
  •     Take and keep copies of passports and visas for all Tier 4 students;
  •     Keep contact details up to date (and keep a record of any changes of address).

The University is required to report to the UK Border Agency when international students holding a Tier 4 student visa:

  •  Do not enrol within the enrolment period;
  •  Enrol, but do not adhere to designated University attendance monitoring procedures;
  •  Discontinue their studies (including interruption of study);
  •  Make significant changes to their circumstances (such as the successful completion of a course earlier than expected, a change of course or completion from home);
  •  Break the conditions of their permission to stay, such as working illegally.