International Challenge

The USW International Challenge is a developmental programme designed to give students a rounded University experience, while also enhancing their softer skills.

Students will be expected to undertake four sections covering, physical activities, life skills development, work experience and 2 expeditions in the South Wales and West region. 

Each student on the programme is allocated a mentor to work with them and their team throughout the challenge. USW Staff as well as graduates from the programme are available each year to help mentor and develop those who undertake the International Challenge.

The International Challenge Logbook

The USW International Challenge has a designated logbook where students are encouraged to document their physical activities, new skills, and work experience as well as record and document their new experiences throughout their time on the International Challenge

Alongside the sections above, students are provided with a 16 week classroom and outdoor based teaching programme which teaches all the skills and components necessary to complete the challenge. Mentoring sessions for individuals and groups will be provided alongside the taught elements of the programme.

Students who complete the award are provided with a reflective mark sheet, certificate and pin badge celebrating their achievements.