Emergencies or crisis back home

We very much hope that your stay in the UK will be trouble free but sometimes students will be affected by emergency or crisis situations at home. This could be through natural disasters or upheaval caused by political, economic or terrorist activities.

It is very important that in all cases you try and stay calm and do not panic. Do not make any decisions (such as to try and travel home) without waiting for a full and complete picture of the situation.

Try and find any official channels which have been set up. For example, after natural disasters or terrorist attacks there are often helplines which you can call to get information or to see whether family and friends are safe. You should also look for information from government sites and other agencies. Some of these are detailed below, although you should also check embassies and other official organisations that are based in the country affected.

If you are struggling to find information please email the IISA team and they will undertake some research to help you or will arrange for you to come in for an appointment to search together.

It is important to remember that crisis situations back home can sometimes affect infastructures and methods of communication and people may not have access to the internet. It is likely that you may not be able to get hold of people as quickly as normal (or as quick as you would like in order to reassure you that all is well). Your family and friends may also be undertaking urgent, time critical activities. They will know that you are safe with us here in the UK and so, for them, contacting you may not be a priority.

As a student of the University of South Wales you have access to a range of pastoral support to help you through challenging times and to guide you through any additional difficulties that may arise as a result of the initial emergency or crisis (such as your ability to access money). Make sure that you are staying in contact with staff so that you will avoid academic, financial or other difficulties.  Details of people that can help you are listed below:

You will also have access to a personal tutor via your course, so make sure that you are letting them know what you are experiencing so they can be prepared to assist you if necessary.

The most important thing to know is that you are not alone and we genuinely wish to help and support you. Do not isolate yourself at a difficult time, no matter how tempting that may be. If you have no idea who is the best person to speak to or where to start with looking for information about the situation please just email IISA and one of the team will help you.