New NHS Track and Trace Scam

The Immigration and International Student Advice team has been made aware that scammers could be exploiting the launch of the Test and Trace COVID-19 service.  It is believed that the scammers are either sending fake Test and Trace messages or making phone calls and asking people to pay money for services, which are free through the correct NHS links.

Phone companies are working hard to make it difficult for scammers to make these calls, but here’s some information that you might find useful.

Real contact tracers will never do any of the following:

  • Ask you for details of card or bank account numbers
  • Ask you to provide or fill in social media login details
  • Ask you to set up a pin
  • Ask you to download anything

You can find full details on the scam, and what a genuine track and trace caller will ask, on the Ofcom website

Of course, it’s important that if you receive a genuine call from the test and trace service, you should be able to trust it and act on the information you’re being given. Because of this, if you do not feel comfortable talking on the phone, or suspect the call to be a scam, you can ask for an email or a text that will invite you to use the Test and Trace web site instead.

From this email, you should only ever be directed to this web address:

You can check this by looking in the address bar near the top of your web browser to see if this is the address shown—it should also have a small padlock symbol next to it, indicating that the website connection is secure.

If you have any doubts about calls you receive please contact the IISA team for further advice before providing any details or payments to a caller.