BRP Collection

Most University of South Wales students arriving for a new course should be able to collect their visa cards (referred to by UK Visas and Immigration as a BID or a BRP) from the University’s Immigration & International Student Advice team (IISA).

Please note that for September 2020 students you cannot use our drop in service to collect your BRP. You will need to complete our BRP Collections form and you will then be sent an email with an appointment time for collection.  This is to ensure your BRP has arrived and that we safely manage the numbers of students in our office.

You will not be able to collect your BRP if you are still in your Self-isolation period.

However, if you did not use the University code and are collecting from a post office, you will need to check on your UKVI decision letter to see where that is. You should also print out and complete this form to take with you as it will make the process quicker and easier and take it with you when you go to collect.

BRP Collection - Appointment Request form

You must complete the appointment request form and receive an email before coming to collect your BRP.

Please note that some BRP's are delayed from UKVI, and we will email you to arrange the collection as soon as possible. 

Please do not fill in multiple versions of the form as this slows down our ability to respond to students.

What do I need to bring with me?

In order to be able to collect your card, you will need to bring the following items with you:

  • Your UKVI decision letter
  • Your passport containing your visa vignette (sticker)
  • Your CAS statement

If you have dependants’, they will also be able to collect their cards from IISA and you should bring all their passports and UKVI decision letters also.

Adult dependant’s, over the age of 18, must sign for their own BID/BRP card, but you are able to collect BRP's for any dependant child under the age of 18.