Digital Events Guide

Our digital International Welcome Programme 2020 is due to run 14th September until 20th September, with Freshers and Induction Week starting from the 21st September. 

If you intend to arrive before the 14th September, please see our Arrivals and Self-isolation Advice and Accommodation and Self Isolation information and, if needed, contact us for individual advice on your situation as early arrival may not be advantageous to you.

Below you will find the digital events guide for the IWP.  Please note links for events will be sent out in the IWP daily newsletters. Please register for the IWP for more information.

We will also be hosting a number of social media competitions for you to get involved with. 

BRP collections are available each day by appointment only.  Please see our BRP Collection section for more details.

Don't worry if you miss a session or cannot attend at the time it is scheduled for.  We will be re-running sessions throughout the first term and will have recorded sessions available for students unable to attend the live events.

When you click through the link below, you will be shown all our IWP events in date order.  You can click each event title for more information on the event. 

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