Letter Regarding Working Conditions

Please note that the University is not able to write individual letters stating that it is ok for you to work. This is because IISA does not have University authority to confirm individual academic situations and the University as a whole does not have the authority to state whether a person can work or not.

However, we have produced a letter stating the rules about international students working in the UK for you to download and print.

You will also need to get confirmation of Summer vacation period from your Advice Zone as this will state on it whether you are an undergraduate or postgraduate student and when you are due to complete your studies. If you have finished your course and are hoping to work full time, you will also need the CAS statement that you used to apply for your current visa.

If you are wishing to work full time over a period during the summer, you will need to have notification from your Faculty stating if and when you have a break in your studies. You cannot automatically assume that you can work for the entire summer break and must have a period of time agreed by your Faculty.

Confirmation of your individual academic situation from your Faculty plus the government rules on international students working in the UK that we have given you are enough to satisfy employment queries. Your employer can also confirm your ability to work by calling the:

Home Office Employers’ Helpline on 0300 123 4699

The Immigration and International Student Advice Team
University of South Wales